Sewing Reviews
Nasya was so patient and so nice and she some how calmed this OCD girl down when things weren’t going quite right (which happened often).
— Laura C
Nasya had enough patience for the both of us. I wanted to give up several times when I had completely sewn the wrong piece on the wrong place – but she gave me the push to fix it, and answer every single one of my (mostly stupid) questions.
— Zimbicki Z
Nasya has helped me with sewing projects for my children’s line and has developed fashion illustrations for my website. I find her work to be impeccable and at the same time, she is easy to work with and very professional. I recommend her highly!!
— Natalie L
Nasya is the most patient and amazing teacher I could have ever asked for. The amount I learned in a matter of just 5 days was incredible. Her knowledge is so in-depth and her methods so precise and organised that one can’t help but just learn and absorb like a sponge. Every future trip to New York will be planned with new sessions on furthering my skills.
— Kainaz U
Learning how to sew with Nasya was a blast. She is fun, experienced, gentle, patient…She is just awesome! Thanks to her, I am coming out with a fashion brand. In my opinion, there isn’t anything she can’t do!
— Kadra O
Nasya is a terrific teacher, very patient, and always willing to go over things more then once if need be. I’ve worked with her both in a classroom setting and one on one, and I feel my sewing skills have really taken a big leap forward thanks to my time with her. I would recommend her to both beginners and experienced sewing students.
— Kris D
I’d like to say that your online videos are really helpful and easy-to-understand! Thank You so much for that
— Tea G